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If i told you I loved you

What should I do if I told you that I love you? just forget about all the happy moments I spent with you over the years that I’ve known you. No! I won’t forget to tell you that I love you. You should know by now that I love you so much but what I should be concerned about is if you love me or not. Just tell me the truth that is all I need to know from you. 


Going out for a long run and listening to music so loud that I can’t hear anybody or going out with friends and having a good time. 

How to avoid the wrong guy!

We all wonder who we are going to end up with, but sometimes you already know who is going to be in your life. Well as a single 20 year old I’ve had the trouble of meeting the wrong guy or guys and it never seems to work out the way I hoped it would have. So I’m going to give you a few little opinions on how to avoid the wrong guy.

1. If he constantly keeps texting you and you don’t know how to tell him to stop texting you. Here’s how you should do it “Hi, well I’m sorry things are not working out for us, but I’m just not that into you.” it will take him awhile to text back but he will eventually. Don’t be scared to be honest or blunt with someone it’s always better to tell the truth rather than saying a lie that just turns into a big mess.

2. If he tells or sends you the “I Miss You” text after play along for awhile and just ask him “Why?”. If he says “Cause I do” that doesn’t seem as a good enough answer. As a woman, you want to know almost every detail as to why he misses you, but you end up coming up empty handed with the “Cause I do” text. If you know that he is a flirt be careful with him, he could be playing with your feeling and you could hurt yourself. If you want to get the truth out of him keep asking him different questions about a date you went on or anything. If he takes more than an hour; nope he’s just ignoring the question and just is giving you hope that someday you both would become a couple.

3. If he short or one letter texts you. Yeah no! he gots to go. You’re never going to find anything interesting to talk about with him. Yeah sometimes there will be a little of a good conversation going on then it all stops and goes back to the awkward one word or short text. He asks you about your day and you tell him and his reply is “Cool” and you ask him about how his day went his reply “Pretty good”. You are left stuck wondering what else to talk about. Then sometimes he could be busy with certain things.

4. He wears to much Cologne. We all want to smell nice whenever we run into anybody we meet for the first time, but if he smells as if he took a shower in his cologne then that’s a big NO! For me that is a big no especially if the cologne smells like old man or cheap. That is going to be a turn off for some people. 

5. If he ignores you for days after spending time with each other. Yeah I understand if you have a boyfriend and girlfriend or vise verse, but if you are just meeting for the first time this is something that you should not worry about. If he ignores you yeah it does maybe show you that he is not interested in you by leaving you hanging. At some point in our lives we experience this and we suddenly give up on life and just become depressed or angry about the whole thing. For me this happens a lot, but you have to learn how to move on to someone else or be patient and someone new and better will come into your life.  

Well there is my opinion on some reasons on how to avoid the wrong guy.